Most, if not all of us prefer having pets in our households as they provide both physical and emotional benefits. While most us prefer having dogs and cats as our favorite pets, there are also other pets that one can have. These include hamsters, fish, guinea pigs, birds, turtles and many others. We all have different reasons why we need pets; several of which are common to most of us. Why do we need pets anyway? If you have had trouble answering this question, then read through the coverage below and have your question answered.
♦ CompanionshipPets are a perfect company source especially when you are alone. They act as a perfect substitute for relations with family, friends, or children in particular for the older. Instead of living or traveling alone, by having a pet accompany you, you can be sure to get rid of the boredom. Besides, pets can also enhance your mood making you have lesser chances of suffering from depression.
♦ ExerciseA pet and in particular dog gives the best company when you need to exercise. The best part of having a pet as your exercise partner is that it can’t refuse the request of joining you in an exercise. When you need to go for a walk, a dog can give you company wherever you need to go. Besides, it can also play with you in the yard thereby acting as a means to helping you stay fit.
♦ Better social interactionSocializing with pets from a young age is a good means to nurture your social skills and respect for animals. Having your children have pets enables them to show them love and care even to an older age. On the other hand, pets provide a chance for you to make new friends. You will always find pet owners sharing several activities such as communal walks, which offer a perfect time to interact and meet new friends.
♦ SafetyMost of us keep dogs in our houses as they are a favorite pet to many. Not only do they serve as a play or companion mate, but they also aid in keeping you safe and secure. They alert you when burglars come to your home, and also keep intruders at bay.
Pets are a great plus to our homesteads. Not only are they an antidote for loneliness, but they also help us in controlling illnesses, as they contribute to keeping stress and anxiety at low levels.